Who We Are

The Nigerian Community Association in Queensland  (NCAQ) is an umbrella organisation that has been in existence since the 1980s. We represent all Nigerians living in Queensland and contribute to the development and growth of our home state, Queensland and our motherland, Nigeria.

According to the Australia’s Population Census Data (Country of Birth Estimated resident population, by country of birth, by state/territory, as at 30 June 2021), 2,027 called Queensland home. 59.8% Male and 40.2% Female.

Whether you are a Nigerian by birth, marriage or association, we welcome you, and look forward to growing together as a community.

NCAQ exists as an organisation, supporting the socio-cultural and diverse needs of Nigerians living in Queensland.

Our Objectives


Promoting and fostering unity among all Nigerians residing in Queensland and Australia without discrimination as well as actng as a support group for all members.


Fostering good relationship between Nigerians, other Africans and the wider Australian community.


Fostering cooperation and understanding between the Australian and Nigerian governments.


Encouraging all Nigerians to participate in and/or contribute to the task of nation building both in Australia and Nigeria.


Promoting Nigerian Arts and Culture.


Participating as a group in matters relating to the Multicultural Affairs Queensland and other affiliated bodies in Queensland.